INJEX Needle-free Technology

Instant penetration under the skin

INJEX30 needle-free system works with precision-tested pressure, instantly delivers the medicine as “liquid needle” into the tissues under the skin. 

Evenly absorption

The drug is injected into the subcutaneous tissue through a high-speed jet and uniformly distributed in the form of water spray to improve the absorption rate of the drug.


Needle Injection vs. Needle-free Injection

  • 0,17 mm micro-hole injection, Maintain skin integrity.

  • Even penetration and effective absorption

Product advantages

Compared with traditional needles, INJEX30’s injection micro-hole is only 0.17mm
Clinical trials proved that 92% of patients stopped having needle phobia

Applicable Area:

High frequency local injection, such as insulin injection, medical beauty injection, dental anesthesia, and other under-skin injection.

Insulin Injection


Dental Anesthesia

Medical Beauty Injection

Veterinary Application


  • Insulin Injection

    INJEX30 offers a unique and safe daily insulin injection that reduces pain and damage to the skin and muscle tissue caused by long-term use of insulin in needles. The precise injection and fast medicine absorption control blood glucose effectively, and prevent the incidence of hypoglycemia.

  • Vaccination

    INJEX30 can be used for vaccine injections to eliminate the pain and fear of needle injection in children and adults, and avoid the possibility of cross infection.

  • Dental Anesthesia

    INJEX30 provide precise pressure for injectable instantly inject through the micro-hole as “liquid needle” from the epidermal cells into the subcutaneous tissue. 
    1.No pain, eliminate needle fear
    2. Fast onset time with less dosage
    3. Precise infiltration of injection to avoid nerve injury
    4. Avoid infection
    5. Faster recovery

  • Medical Beauty Injection

    INJEX’s unique needleless technology allows injectable penetrates into subcutaneous tissue in the form of “atomized liquid needle” evenly. Accurate with noninvasive injection. With INJEX, being beautiful is simple!

  • Veterinary Application

    INJEX30 needleless technology resolves the injection difficulty on vaccination and other medical shot required in pet medical-care market.

  • Others

    Extensively applicable in other areas such as
    cardiovascular disease injection etc.