Product Introduction

Evenly absorption

Injectable delivered into the subcutaneous tissue as a high-speed jet and uniformly distributed in the form of water spray to improve the absorption rate.


Instantly penetrate the skin

INJEX30 needle-free injector under the pressure of precision measurement, the drug delivered in the form of "liquid needle" through the epidermal cells into the subcutaneous tissue.

  • Injection Type
    Needle Injection
    Needle-free Injection
  • Tissue damage
  • Subcutaneous lumps and nodules
  • Pain sensation
  • Drug absorption
    Drug accumulate in the tissue leads to low utilization rate. Nodules caused slow and unstable absorption. Drug absorption curve lags behind human body's natural secretion curve.
    Drugs in the organization fully dispersed, high utilization rate, fast and stable absorption, absorption curve consistent with human body’s natural secretion curve.
  • Cross-infection
    No Risk
  • Needle phobia

Using Injex is simple, you can learn in 10 minutes: 

1. Preparing the injector
Put the injector into the reset box. Make sure that the green safety ring is in “safe” position. Close the lid of the reset box.

2. Filling the ampoule
a. Choose adaptor according to the injectable packaging

b. After the ampoule is connected to the adaptor, pull the ampoule plunger to pump the drug

c. Screw the filled ampoule to injector syringe

3. Performing the injection
a. Make sure the skin is properly sterilized at the point of delivery of the injectable

b. Press the injector perpendicular onto the injection site (at a 90℃ angle)

c. Avoid nerves and blood vessels

d. Keep pressing for 30 seconds after injection 


1. INJEX30 Needle-free System cannot be stored in the reset box, and it cannot be refrigerated.
2. The injector and its accessories must not be sterilized. Avoid getting any water or cleaning liquid into the injector.


  • ● Insulin

  • ● Cardiovascular Drugs

  • ● Growth Hormone

  • ● Etanercept

  • ● Lidocaine

  • ● Adalimumab

  • ● Procaine

  • ● Heparin

  • ● Botox

  • ● Heparin Sodium

  • ● Hyaluronic Acid

  • ● Corticosteroids

  • ● Vaccine

  • ● Antibiotics

  • ● Interferon

  • ● Vitamins

  • ● Stroke medication

  • ● Erythropoietin

  • Effective absorption

  • Precise under-skin injection

  • Avoid cross-infection

  • Painless

  • Maintain skin integrity

  • German quality

Effective absorption

Clinical Description

01 Clinical Trials

Penetration depth depends on injectable volume

No damage on epidermis layer

Injectable precisely reach to dermis layer

02 Penetration experiment

Penetration depth:3.2 –9.1mm

Penetration area:Subcutaneous tissue

Injectable scattered pattern:Cone-shaped,5 -18mmdimendion

Precise under-skin Injection


Injectable measurement scale:

≤0.15mL:Injection deviation level ±2%

>0.15mL:Injection deviation level ±1.5 %

  • Traditional needle injection forms a medicine-pool, that reduce the absorption rate
  • INJEX30 needle-free injection maintains skin integrity and improves absorption rate

No cross-infection

Made with Bayer Medical-Grade Makrolon plastic. Disposable after every use, effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection

Avoid needle-phobia

Maintain skin integrity

Made in Germany – Premium quality guaranteed

  • 德国制造,质量保证
  • 无菌车间
  • 自动化生产线
  • 手工组装