— —True noninvasive plastic surgery

INJEX30 under the pressure of precision measurement, the drug instantly injected through micro-holes in the form of "liquid needle" from the injection side of the epidermal cells into the subcutaneous tissue. The drug is injected into the subcutaneous tissue through a high-speed jet and evenly distributed in the form of water spray to improve the absorption rate of the drug.

INJEX30 broke through the needle on the skin damage and drug silt, its full penetration, uniform dispersion of the characteristics and improve the absorption and utilization of cosmetic drugs. Not only maintains the integrity of the skin, blood vessels and nerve tissue, but also quickly lock nutrients, promote skin regeneration function.


Botox, hyaluronic acid, whitening, collagen,
Cellulite Local anesthesia, to scarring, hair loss ...

Wrinkle removal

forhead, eye area, lip area, neck

Facial filling

Forehead, lip

Face lifting


Traditional needle injection is easy to form "medicine pool" aggregation, uneven distribution, poor absorption and utilization rate. The INJEX needle-less technology penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue in the form of "atomized" water spray evenly. The drug penetrates into the cells and tissues through the molecular channel. It is more accurate, durable and painless and non-invasive than the needle injection.

In 2014, INJEX entered into the Chinese beauty market. With its unique technology, we have been pursuing the simplest, safest, most effective and non-invasive treatment plan. After more than three years of exploration and research, the accumulation of nearly ten thousand cases, 126 new cosmetic injection programs came into being, and received a number of application-oriented patent awards.



Customers who first receive Injex Needle-Free Wrinkle Removal Therapy need three courses of treatment and then need to be treated every one to three months depending on their individual circumstances.